A highly talented Dutch multimedia artist, Alex Vermeulen experiments with hybrids of a wide range of media including photography, film-books, films, performances, theater, sculptures and installations. He is also a founder of Stichting Syndicaat, a foundation aimed at stimulating and supporting the arts in the broadest sense of the word by initiating, directing and producing projects that are carried out on an international scale. As of 2015, Vermeulen has been exclusively working under the name SOH Alex Vermeulen.

Besides his acclaimed Eggy sculptures, Vermeulen is best known for his multi-faceted project States of Humanity that explores the life inside a metropolis. Making references to a city planner’s layout, an imaginary structure of alleys, streets, avenues, and parks each with its own character and social traffic, the project depicts different aspects of urban experience through a variety of medium.

Expressing a state of humanity with each project, SOH is a comprehensive and collaborative work of art that includes various participants from a range of fields and disciplines.

We had a chat with Alex in order to find out more about the breadth of his practice. In an exclusive Widewalls interview, the artist talks about the concept of film-books, about the project States of Humanity, the organization Stichting Syndicaat, his life between New York and Bali, the latest projects, and much more.